FCS Kids Tri Team and Performance Prep Team

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We had a blast coaching the 2014 Inaugural FCS Kids Tri Team!  Read all about it on the FCS Blog!

FCS Kids Team: This team is open to all kids ages 6-15 who meet the minimum requirements below. This team will be focused on developing triathlon skills and knowledge in a fun and safe environment. We will be teaching kids general triathlon knowledge and rules and focus on skills such as bike handling, transitions, and pacing. We’ll also teach the kids about the importance of nutrition, fueling, hydration, bike maintenance, and safety.

Practices:  The FCS Kids will have 2 group options for 2015.  One in Reston, and one in Kingstowne.  Practices for the FCS Kids Team are once a week on Sunday evenings (1.5 hours between 5pm and 8pm depending on age break out of the groups) and focus on Bike, Run and transition skills.  A separate swim practice will be available as an add-on for those kids not already on a swim team.

Team Races (participation optional): FCS Kids Team athletes will have the opportunity to participant in non-drafting youth triathlons as part of the team.  

Requirements: While no formal experience in triathlon or racing is needed we do require kids to be able to swim a minimum of 25 M unassisted and ride a bike without training wheels. Kids must have their own bike, helmet, and running shoes. Any questions please ask Coach Kim (kim@fexycoaching.com).

NEW For 2015: FCS PERFORMANCE PREP TEAM.  This team is for youth ages 11 – 17 who have learned the basic skills of triathlon and are looking to participate in a more competitive environment.  This team will be preparing athletes for draft-legal racing and will be focused on swim, bike, and run performance.  Interested members need to be able to swim 300M Freestyle and must have a road bike with clip less pedals.  Performance Team members will also be required to purchase a uniform.  Select members of this team will have the opportunity to race in USAT Youth Elite races, as well and other draft-legal events.

Uniforms:  in 2015 we will have team uniforms available for purchase (tri-suits, singlets, bike jerseys and more).  Note – Performance Prep intending to race draft legal races will be required to purchase an ITU-style tri-suit.

Session Information:
Jan-Mar: Performance Prep Bike Program (Sunday Evening Indoor Bike Training Session in Kingstowne – 1 hr)
Apr-May: FCS Kids Early Season Session  (1x week)
Jun-Mid Aug: FCS Kids Main Session (1x week)
Apr- Mid Aug: Performance Prep (1-2 x week options avail – one run session/1 bike session)

Registration will open for the Bike Prep Session in December.
Early season session opens in February.