Providing personalized multisport coaching services for beginners to veteran triathletes and runners that embrace the whole person concept, and draw from numerous resources.  We believe that there is no one single method or template that universally delivers the best results across the board because each athlete reacts to stimuli differently therefore we commit to each of our athletes to develop a plan together and continually refine it.  All of our services and training programs are fully customized to the individual athlete and include a comprehensive evaluation of the athlete’s current abilities, limitations, goals and expectations.  We do not simply write training pans and workouts, we continually and closely monitor and supervise progress in person with the aid of video analysis and other analytical tools to maximize results.  We offer several different levels of service to include:

Roman Endurance is now providing personal coaching services through FeXY Coaching Systems.   For an overview of our services please click here or send an inquiry to FeXY

Additionally, Roman Endurance is now offering Bike Fitting Services by Coach Ben, a F.I.S.T certified fitter.